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The MiniFolks - Villagers 2 pack contains 10 pixel art characters, with and without outline and also in two color options - original and blue. All characters are made on canvas 32x32.






Grave digger












Suspicious merchant




You can use this asset as you like, just don't resell it.

Credit is not required but would be appreciated.


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And of course, thanks to the people who are already following me on boosty. Here they are, at the time of the release of this pack: 

Foxel “DatFoxy” Foxy , Jugraj Singh , Chris “HyveMynd” Stone-Bush , Elijah Cohen , Steven , Filip Bartus , beethead , 张浩正 , B S , Harry Crofts , James Access , Milk Tea September , Vladislav Smirnov , Pavel Snytko , Ian Holmes , 张永磊 , 박상민 , James Vaughan , みつお 相田

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Tags2D, Fantasy, Medieval, Pixel Art, Side Scroller, villager, villagers


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ase.7z 43 kB


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Hey, I saw that you have a pack of other sprites on your boosty. Will they be made available on itch.io too? Or is there some reason for which you want to keep them on boosty only?

Sooner or later - I will put boosty packs on itch, except for a few. However, I switched to boosty because I can't withdraw money from itch anymore.

Hi LYASeek, I just released an early version of my game containing your characters: https://seelengeier.itch.io/bound-by-fate. I really love your MiniFolks and especially their animations look awesome. My plans are to add more of your characters later, so I am looking forward to new packs :)

Btw...I could use some female version of some male characters ;)

That's great. I can add female versions of the characters, but I don't think I'll do it anytime soon. 

Hi! Still working on new packs?


Of course

Sorry, can you add a license description for your assets so that I can buy or use them in commercial projects with more confidence

You can use my assets for commercial and non-commercial purposes, the only thing is do not distribute and do not sell my assets.

thank you for your reply


Are we allowed to edit them for our own uses, as long as we don't redistribute/sell them? Also, you do lovely work!


That's right.




Love :)

Great job. I subscribed to your Boosty

Thank you very much!


The merchant looks very suspicious...

Good Job! I love how well you do the animations ❤
What color palette doyou use, could you share it?

Actually, it's silly, but I don't have a palette. Of course I try to use the colors I used before, but sometimes I use new ones.

Awesome Work again!


Can you make them as I'm sepreate files?

I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean. If you mean slicing each frame into a separate image, you can use some sites that do it online.


I can't cuz I'm a mobile developer

What programs do you use for art and developing? Most have a way to do this.

I'm using Max2D


I would guess the online ones work on Android, have you tried any?



Lovin' it!