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The MiniFolks - Undead pack contains 10 pixel art characters, with and without outline. All characters are made on canvas 32x32.


Skeleton/Skeleton Archer

  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Jump  - 3/3 frames

  Attack - 5/10 frames

  Attack 2 - -/5 frames

  Hit - 4/3 frames

  Death - 6/6 frames

Zombie/Zombie Butcher

  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Jump  - 6/3 frames

  Attack - 4/6 frames

  Attack 2 - 6/- frames

  Hit - 2/2 frames

  Death - 4/4 frames

  Rising - 8/11 frames

  Get up - 5/8 frames


  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Attack - 8/8 frames

  Hit - 2/2 frames

  Death - 5/6 frames

Death Knight/Dread Knight

  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Jump  - 3/3 frames

  Attack - 5/5 frames

  Spell - 8/8 frames

  Hit - 2/2 frames

  Death - 4/5 frames


  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Jump  - 3/- frames

  Attack - 5/7 frames

  Spell - 7/8 frames

  Spell 2 - -/6 frames

  Hit - 2/3 frames

  Death - 8/7 frames

You can use this asset as you like, just don't resell it.

Credit is not required but would be appreciated.

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Tags2D, Fantasy, Medieval, Pixel Art, Skeletons


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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MinifolksUndead.7z 92 kB
ase.7z 47 kB

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انه مذهل جدا


This is my first purchase,the assets is very suitable for my game.Expect you to create more assets like this.


Hello, I got some of your minifolks in the bundle for Ukraine earlier this year and they are absolutely adorable! I plan on using them in my Unity project to learn game development and was wondering if you've thought about vertical animations for the sprites?

Glad you like it. About vertical animations - there are no such plans yet, but who knows, maybe in the future I will draw them.


Come on buddy!Make more type of hero,I bought all your resource now xD.

Is it possible for you to make a zombie with two arms ?! It would be marvelous ! =D

Sure. I have plans to draw a couple of zombie variations.

Great, so i could make it loose an arm an then, the second one and then, die...


Dear LYASeek,

I'm working on a small arcade action style game. Your sprites are very nice and work so great with it. As soon as it is released (for free) I will let you know.

have you release it
i want to try i

Sure, here it is :)

Are you ok with people making changes to the characters like changing colors, or changing small details?
If so, would you still like to be credited?


You can change whichever suits you best. Credit is not required.


Great works, any chance put all 3 into a bundle soon?


Thanks, I haven't thought about that yet.


Thanks for the bundle ;) very nice and inspiring work !


No, thanks to you.


Very cute! Nice work

They are so smol