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The MiniFolks - Humans pack contains 10 pixel art characters, with and without outline. All characters are made on canvas 32x32.



  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Jump  - 3/3 frames

  Attack - 5/5 frames

  Hit - 3/3 frames

  Death - 5/5 frames


  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Jump  - 3/3 frames

  Attack - 10/9 frames

  Hit - 3/3 frames

  Death - 4/4 frames

  Attack Melee - 5/4 frames


  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Jump  - 3/3 frames

  Attack - 5/5 frames

  Hit - 3/3 frames

  Death - 4/4 frames

  Block - -/5 frames


  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Jump  - 3/3 frames

  Attack - 6/6 frames

  Hit - 2/2 frames

  Death - 6/6 frames


  Idle - 4/4 frames

  Walk - 6/6 frames

  Jump  - 5/5 frames

  Attack - 6/9 frames

  Hit - 3/3 frames

  Death - 6/6 frames

  Drink - -/5 frames

You can use this asset as you like, just don't resell it.

Credit is not required but would be appreciated.

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Tags2D, Fantasy, Medieval, Pixel Art


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MinifolksHumans.7z 139 kB

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I've used these in my game! They're awesome and everyone should support LYASeeK


Hi! We used this and some of your other assets for our game: Tiles of War.

We are going to use probably more of them for expansions and stuff, if we actually make it a complete game :)


Hi Lyaseek. These folks look really great. Would it be possible to get them in 1-bit color (in the pack or as a new pack)? Thanks!

Well, I can try if you bought the pack.

Although no. Sorry, it won't work. But if you like my sprites, you can try to ask another artist to change them.

Thanks for having a look. I bought these a while ago thinking I could adapt them for my 1-bit game, but I am struggling! You seem to say it is not an easy task unfortunately. Thanks for having a look though!

Hi Lyaseek! I would be interested in commissioning some Minifolks assets, but I don't know how to reach you outside of these comments! Not super used to itchio.
Is this something that you could be interested in?

To give you a way to reach me, here's my email: maximeflageole@gmail.com

Short story, I am working on a pve autobattler and think that your assets are simply a perfect match with the style I would like to use in the game!

First amazing work through and through. Secondly, any chance you have a palette sitting around?

Well, it's tricky, but here we go 

Thank you!

hi, I have two of your asset packs and I am going to buy the whole bundle, but I don't want to buy the human and the  undead twice, could you make another bundle without the human and the undead packs?



Hello friend!  I'm thinking of buying the pack to use the arts in a video on my channel and in a possible new logo. Are there any restrictions for this type of use? Thanks

There are no such restrictions


Thanks Bro


There is a layer with the arms, it's very smart and useful ! LYASeek for president !

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@LYASeeK any chance you are open for commissions ? Love your art and i've started using it potentially temporarily. I'm sadly needing 4 directions for my game so will probably need to make my own otherwise. Can see what it looks like at the moment:   https://twitter.com/glaikunt/status/1516519206833033224?s=20&t=kYO5417aAQ350m4wi...


I'm sorry, but I can't help you right now.


ok, no problem. Thanks for the quick reply & great art work!

For future race packs, could you consider making them have the same kind of weapons as the other packs? For instance, I'm thinking of a RTS game that you can build units. With this human pack, I can build horses but with your Undead pack, I can't because there's no horses. Another, would be spears (in this pack) to counter horses but there's no spears in the Orc pack.

These MiniFolks packs of yours are amazing by the way! Keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your work!

These look amazing! Would you ever consider adding another kind of walk though please? Such as an "Up Walk", where we see their backs instead of fronts? Similar to Golden Axe. Regardless though, they look fantastic.

Here's a game I did with some of your assets. They fit great. Thanks so much!

Link: 5 for the King

Incredible art LYASeek. I see you have no environment/tilemap for this world. Can we expect one or can you recommend one that may fits yours?

 Sorry, I don't plan to make tiles yet and I can't recommend anything specific. But I think it should be something simple.

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Hello LYASeek,
do you take orders for custom packs?

Not right now.

Just to be clear, I am allowed to re-color all four of the asset packs you sell to suit my needs.  Please confirm or correct.

Either way, thank you for the work you put in to these.  They are awesome!

You can edit them however you like.

Can I offer you the pallet swaps (for free) so that you can offer them up as part of the packs?  I am sure having the variations available to other creators would be a big boon to you and those creators.

The fact that you used the same blue highlights and lowlights throughout each of the human models made things very easy for Gimp's Color Exchange.

That would be really nice! I considered recoloring myself but if you won't mind sharing your recolored version that would be awesome!

Awesome pack! I'm considering buying the bundle. I would like to know if  you are going to include the .aseprite file (or similar) to the bundle in the future for easier import/export/modification.


Thanks! I can do it. Expect it soon.

Awesome! Appreciate it!


Thanks for adding the .ase files! <3

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Thank you.  I've been looking for something like this for a while.  I'm in the process of making a 13th century war game and these will serve well as units.  I'm modifying some slightly to reflect different regions like Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Middle East, Mongolia, China, India and Japan.  I've replaced my sprites with these tiny guys and they look awesome!
If any variations on this pack become available, I'd gladly buy them too.  Thanks again for your work

Can we use these commercially?


This is a fantastic start, really nice style. We need a few more to be able to do anything with them.

Thanks. I will release next pack soon.

Omg these are so awesome!!

Absolutely lovely, more sprites please!

Very nice! I'd love to see a whole series like this, with animals and monsters.

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Thanks. This is exactly what I'm going to do.

Excellent work!

Thank you.