Boosty Announcement 4

Hello there! Its the time for another announcement on my Boosty - MiniFolks - Holy Warriors.

10 characters (plus 2 alternate paladin skins, a captain without a flag and the flag itself) in two color options - original and blue. As usual with and without outline.

All characters are made on 32x32 canvas except Angels - 40x40.






if you are interested or wanna support me - check out my Boosty. All new paid content will temporarily go there.


And of course a huge thank you to my paid subscribers. Here are the names of these heroes at the time of this post:

Foxel “DatFoxy” Foxy

Jugraj Singh

Chris “HyveMynd” Stone-Bush

Elijah Cohen


Filip Bartus




Harry Crofts

James Access

Milk Tea September

Vladislav Smirnov

Паша Снытко

Ian Holmes


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