Boosty Announcement 2

Hello again! I want to announce to you my new pack, which I just released on my Boosty - MiniFolks - Forest Protectors.

Pack conteins 10 characters on canvas 32x32 and 1 on 40x40. With and without outline.







if you are interested or wanna support me - check out my Boosty. All new paid content will temporarily go there.


Also, special thanks for the support to these heroes:

Foxel “DatFoxy” Foxy

Jugraj Singh

Chris “HyveMynd” Stone-Bush

Elijah Cohen



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Hi! Is it possible to have these packs on your We cant see many animations on your boosty page.

I have plans to gradually release works from boosty on itch. But I don't understand what you mean when you say that you don't see many animations on boosty.

I prefer the format you are using in itch :)

I do not understand what you're saying. I sell packs on Boosty the same way I do on itch. You can only get to my boosty if you follow me on itch, where I post all animation previews. In general, this whole situation with boosty began with the fact that I can no longer withdraw money from itch and I don’t want people to pay money to nowhere. I know it sounds more like my problem, but still.

Why can't you withdraw money anymore?

I don't have a problem with using another platform, but I think you'll have better discoverability if you release demo versions for each pack that's on Boosty, so at least there's a reference to the full asset pack - then people will know it exists.