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Hello there. Thats an awesome work you did there. Is there any way to DM you for some Art job ?

Thank you. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in any jobs right now.

I love your arts ! They are so pretty !

I have two questions though:

1. About directions. How many directions are there for your animations ? I can see only 1 direction in your show cases.

2. About bundle. Would you create a bundle with all your packs, and possibly give a discount ? 

Thank you. There is only one direction here, but maybe in the future I will draw up and down directions. As for the bundle, I can’t say anything yet, but it will definitely be.

Is there any socials we can follow you on beside itch ? 

Nope. If I start any social, I will add links on my page.


Great work as always! Here's a few ideas for more sets if you need inspiration: zombies, mercenaries/gladiators (misc fighters), vikings, barbarians, spell casters and priests for previous packs, farm animals (sheep, pig, dog, cow, chicken) , wild animals (deer, wolf, bear, rat), insects, lizard people, elementals/golems. Do you have a Patreon?


Thank you. I have a lot of ideas for the next sets. I don't have a patreon, at least not yet.


<3 amazing as always


Mate, I cant implement them as fast as you make those packs D:

My game is close to being playable, and I'll add Elves and Demons to it as unlockable races I guess :D