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The MiniFolks - Elves pack contains 10 pixel art characters, with and without outline. All characters are made on canvas 32x32.



Idle(4/4), Walk(6/6), Jump(3/3), Attack(7/8), Block(-/6), Hit(2/2), Death(5/5)

Archer/Arcane Archer

Idle(4/4), Walk(6/6), Jump(3/3), Attack(10/13), Attack Melee(10/9), Hit(2/2), Death(5/5)



Idle(4/4), Walk(6/6), Jump(3/3), Attack(6/6), Attack2(5/6), Spell(-/11), Hit(2/2), Death(8/8)

Horseman/Pegasus Rider


Idle(4/4), Walk(6/6), Flight(-/4), Jump(3/3), Attack(7/7), Hit(2/2), Death(6/6)


Idle(4/4), Walk(6/6), Jump(3/3), Attack(11/11), Spell(8/9), Attack Melee/Spell2(5/8), Hit(2/2), Death(8/5)

You can use this asset as you like, just don't resell it.

Credit is not required but would be appreciated.

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Tags2D, elf, elves, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this asset pack you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

MinifolksElves.7z 130 kB
ase.7z 63 kB


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Hello. I'd like to buy your asset on https://lyaseek.itch.io/ . Can I use all of the asset on the itch.io site if I subscribe to boosty? If not, I'm not sure what's the difference between subscribing to a boosty and buying individually from itch.io .

Also, is there a sprite pack where I can buy your asset on itch.io at once?

Didn't quite fully understand you, but on itch and on boosty are different assets. All new packs only appear on boosty for now.

I'm wondering if there's a way to buy all the sets that sell on itch.io at once.

I made a bundle, so you can buy it all together and at a discount.

Hello there. Thats an awesome work you did there. Is there any way to DM you for some Art job ?

Thank you. Unfortunately, I'm not interested in any jobs right now.

I love your arts ! They are so pretty !

I have two questions though:

1. About directions. How many directions are there for your animations ? I can see only 1 direction in your show cases.

2. About bundle. Would you create a bundle with all your packs, and possibly give a discount ? 

Thank you. There is only one direction here, but maybe in the future I will draw up and down directions. As for the bundle, I can’t say anything yet, but it will definitely be.

Is there any socials we can follow you on beside itch ? 

Nope. If I start any social, I will add links on my page.


Great work as always! Here's a few ideas for more sets if you need inspiration: zombies, mercenaries/gladiators (misc fighters), vikings, barbarians, spell casters and priests for previous packs, farm animals (sheep, pig, dog, cow, chicken) , wild animals (deer, wolf, bear, rat), insects, lizard people, elementals/golems. Do you have a Patreon?


Thank you. I have a lot of ideas for the next sets. I don't have a patreon, at least not yet.


<3 amazing as always


Mate, I cant implement them as fast as you make those packs D:

My game is close to being playable, and I'll add Elves and Demons to it as unlockable races I guess :D