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The MiniFolks - Demons pack contains 10 pixel art characters, with and without outline. All characters are made on canvas 32x32, except for High Demon/Demon Lord - 40x40.


Imp/Fire Imp

Idle(4/4), Walk/jump(5/5), Attack(6/6), Attack Throw(-/9), Hit(2/2), Death(5/5)

Fire Thrower/Fire Keeper

Idle(4/4), Walk(6/6), Jump(5/5), Attack(7/8), Attack Melee(8/8), Spell(-/7), Hit(2/2), Death(4/7)



Idle(4/4), Walk(6/6), Jump(3/5), Attack(9/9), Seduction(6/6), Spell(-/7), Hit(2/2), Death(7/7)

Clawed Demon/Tormentor


Idle(4/4), Walk(6/6), Jump(3/3), Attack(5/6), Attack2(5/6), Mockery(-/3), Hit(2/2), Death(5/11)

High Demon/Demon Lord

Idle(4/4), Walk(6/6), Jump(3/4), Attack(7/7), Spell(-/8), Spell2(-/10), Hit(2/2), Death(8/8)

You can use this asset as you like, just don't resell it.

Credit is not required but would be appreciated.

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Tags2D, demon, demons, Fantasy, Pixel Art, Side Scroller


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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i have no words, you have done it again. Absolutely perfect LYASeeK!!!

Could we get some larger creatures/units aswell? Bosses, ogres, giants, cyclops etc? 

Also some small creatures like, slimes, rats, dogs/wolves. 

Maybe some flying/floating creatures? Wasps, eagles, bats, crows. 

Maybe just a pack of all animals would be cool! 

Thank you again!!!


Thank you. Sooner or later, I will definitely release the things that you listed.


These are super cute! Are you planning on doing any environments to match all your characters?

Thank you. I sometimes slowly try to draw it, but so far there are no plans to release it. And I'm not sure if I should draw for side-scroller or top-down.


top down please hahaha


oh YES!


Nice, gonna keep them as an secret extra in my game :o


Very cool demons!


Wonderful ! You are the boss !