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Could you add unattached projectiles to your various asset packs? (Arrows, throwing axes, etc). I noticed you had a bonus spellcast in undead pack but not a simple projectile sprite for the skele archer (presuming other packs are same).

Love all your assets, high quality and affordable. Will definitely credit you (and mass purchase) if I manage to get a proper project rolling with your stuff.

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could you make some extra characters for existing packs? like a human wizard or a priest. etc.

It's possible. But I have too much to draw already, so it's not worth waiting for in the near future.

Hi amazing pixel art could you ad Vikings to the bundle? 

Thank you. I will definitely add the pack to the bundle, but later.

hello! just curious if you intend to make a bundle for the itch summer sale, or if we shouldn’t wait and get the packs that we like now :-)



thank you! lovely characters <3

Insta-buy! How about some more monster types next?

Unfortunately the next few packs will be similar to this one. I planned to release a large pack with 30 characters, but in the end I decided to divide it into 5 different packs.

After that, maybe? :) Some classic monsters would be cool, like rat, spider, bat, etc.


Yes, as I said to the commenter below - after that I will mainly draw monsters and animals.

another awesome set! Where will you go with your next set? 


The next packs will be bandits, Asians, Romans and Arabs. Then I will draw mainly animals and various monsters.

When will the Asian one release? And will it have samurai?

Sorry, I don't know yet. But if you're specifically looking for a samurai, I can share one for free right now.

Ok, if you have one with idle, attack, walk, and death animations that would be great. Happy to purchase something too though. I'm using the human pack for a game set in Japan, the only issue is it's not themed correctly.