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this may be my favourite pack of yours for the variety of shapes and use of colour!

Really good works, love them! Can it be customized? I would pay for the design, and they could be on sell like this after I paid. For example, adjust the price to ten times, and adjust to normal after I paid. If it's possible, please let me know! I need 7-9 race and 8-10 characters for each race. :) 

It's possible. Contact me again when I release the next pack.

Wait... Are you me? I have more or less exactly those needs.

What kind of game are you making? Just curious. Mine is a pve autobattler :)

Sorry, I forgot to answer you. I was going to email you after I release the next pack which should happen this week.

I am making a pixel pve warcraft3, I guess our needs are similar :)

really nice animations! I've been using the ones I got to help teach myself how to do pixel art animations. I've been making pixel art for a while now but I'm still really struggling with animations and this has helped. :))


Thank you. I'm glad it helps you.

Hello. I bought the asset. I'm having trouble getting the files into Unity. Any Help? just a white page after download.

Sorry, I don't know how I can help you since I don't use Unity.


ok so it's unusable. What engine was it made for?

not ususable, it's a sprite sheet. Unity import sprite sheet.

Thanks I will give this a try.

The video didn't help because, His was a sprite sheet and it was easy for him to drag it in. The file I bought here doesn't show up as a sprite sheet for some reason. if that makes sense.

Can you take a screenshot of the file?

And so I have a couple of guesses. Either you downloaded the ase archive instead of MinifolksOrcs, or you just don't have an archiver and you can't unpack the archive.


Hey, thank you for all the great mini folks!

This is the third pack of yours I'm downloading and I must say, your Undead was already pretty cute, but these orcs are just super adorable! Kepp up the great work ^^

Are these available for Commercial use? Love them :)


can you add villagers and royalty - king and queen, princesses to a medieval set in this style?

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Yes, i have something like that in my future plans.

These look great! Is there any way you can add one unarmed unit to each of your three sets? To make an RTS with your assets we still need an orc peon/human worker/drudge skeleton. Or maybe an entirely new set with civilian units.

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Thanks! I'll think about it after I release the next pack.