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My goodnes, I love your art. I've picked up the first 3 through a Bundle and I started making a game with it, I'm about to release a demo in around 2 weeks. And now when I thought I'm finally done implementing those 3 packs I get an info you've done more amazing work and now I have to rebalance things and implement another awesome pack? :O

Keep it up! Kinda sad you're not doing paid commisions. Do you perhabs have Elves planned at some point?

Thank you. Elves are one of the closest in the plans. Let me know when you release a demo.


Always looking forward to seeing more of these guys.


YESSSS!!! FINALLY A NEW PACK! thank you thank you thank you!! I will be adding these to my game ASAP. please keep these going! do you also take paid comissions if i want to request certain units or unit types? (Which you can then also sell on ?? thank you LYASeek!!

I'm sorry, I don't do commissions. But I can say that most of the things you listed will definitely be.

another thing, i have created some of my own sprite sheets of some new unit variants of the ones you've posted, such as a brute, fire and shock mage. any way i can send them to you? you can put them in a new pack if you like

You can show it here


these are so cute! Great work as always :]


NICE !!! Beautiful man !


Love all of your MiniFolks! What will be your next Artwork?

Thank you. So far, I'm not sure what I'm going to draw next.

Can i suggest a series of magic units? fire, shock, ice, earth etc? can i also suggest a series of just animals? i love the Wargs and wolves in the orc pack, and the bear in this pack, i'd love a pack with just animals. 

other pack suggestions: Elves, Cyclopse, Brutes and other Large units, Ninjas/Asian theme, Cavemen, Flying units eg Eagles, Artillary units, Ballistas, Hwatchas, Catapults, Cannons. 

Thank you again, i Love your art style and packs.